• Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

  • "Lord Jesus, you are both things for me: an image of suffering and a reward for the one who suffers. The one and the other are a strong calling and an impassioned motivation. You train my hands for the fight with the example of virtue; you crown my head after the victory with the presence of your majesty… because I hope in you, you are my crown… I will rejoice in you and will be able to say I have fought the noble combat.”                                                                                                                       Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

  • For Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, no journey was too long when it concerned gaining men for Christ. His love for God along with his witness of love, simplicity, humility, his availability for God, and joy in the Holy Spirit continue to attract, after almost 1000 years, persons to Christ. His obedience and fidelity to the Pope and the Church inspire our community.

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