Herz Jesu Kloster

Sacred Heart of Jesus Cloister

Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen


God has called to this house 17 sisters of different ages and nationalities to live, share, and to be the light in the midst of a rich metropolis that lives immersed in globalization and materialism and where many of its inhabitants have forgotten Him.

    Located near the Rhine river, Düsseldorf resounds day and night with the sirens from the ambulances and fire trucks, and with the busy traffic, while in the church we gather six times a day and one time during the night to pray the liturgy of the hours, with the Gregorian chant, which marks the rhythm of our day. 

      This city has manifested itself as an instrument of God to sustain us with help of all kinds: from the faithful who assist us in our church to all the people who confide their prayers to us, including people whom we do not know. We want to thank all of them for their attention and availability by entrusting them to the protection of the Virgin Mary. 

        Our house is open throughout the week so that all persons have access to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament thus heartening them to renew their faith and feel the deep love that God has for them.

          We hold Eucharistic Adoration and we are impressed by the strong attraction that people (young people and adults) experience in coming to pray and rest, feeling accepted, loved, and comforted. 

            Even though the city is very rich, there are still poor people who have the possibility of picking up a lunch bag at our home. With this small gift we want to give them a sign of God’s love, not only to satiate their bodily hunger, but rather, and most of all, their spiritual hunger.

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