Santísima Trinidad

Holy Trinity

Pachacútec-district of Ventanilla-Callao


This house is located in Pachacutec, within the district of Ventanilla in Callao-Peru.


The majority of sisters from our community live here where at the moment we are 33 from various countries around the world. 

    The Mother house, used for the formation of our postulants and novices, is situated in the midst of “pueblos jóvenes” (shanty towns).

      Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we can contemplate and admire the beauty that reflects the great power of God. 

        Since the inauguration God has manifested Himself through businesses, families and individuals who have helped us with our spiritual and material needs, thus allowing them and us to experience his limitless fatherly love.

        There is no greater way to show our gratitude than by remembering them in our prayers.

        Little by little development and progress reach our neighborhood. Although our house is still under construction, this is not an impediment for us to continue living and praising God. 


        We also have a small hen-house which we have named “San Silverio”, where we raise about 300 hens. 

          In the middle of the desert, we want to be an oasis for people who have been spiritually hurt. By opening the doors of our guest house, they can encounter the living God through the silence; they can pray with us the liturgy of the hours and accompany us in the daily celebration of Holy Mass.

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