Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Real de Gandía, Valencia


This house is located in the town of Real de Gandia, on the coast of the Valencian community, Spain.


The name of this foundation is derived from the Shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is very representative for the diocese.  


We hold as our representative a Woman who precedes us by opening doors and paths: The Most Holy Virgin Mary with her image of the Immaculate Conception engraved in the Miraculous Medal. 

    When we arrived in Real de Gandia we felt very welcomed by the people. 

    For now, here, we are a community comprised of 18 sisters who day by day experience the great bounty of God during the foundation phase. Without losing our capacity to be surprised by the small and great details and miracles of the Lord, we live day to day His providential and paternal love.

      This love is manifested through concrete persons who support us spiritually as well as materially: the priests who celebrate daily the Holy mass, the local businesses who with their donations and discounts collaborate with the construction of this house, the workers who with their zeal and availability cooperate so that this mission can come to fruition, all the families who donate their time and love taking care of our basic needs and so many other people that, even though we do not know them,  make possible the work of God.

      We are still missing funds to renovate the church.

      ES 11 0081 7340 8000 0223 8031 SABADELL

      ES 89 0081 7340 8100 0223 8130 SABADELL

      Although the house is still under construction, we live our contemplative vocation with the same spirit as our Mother house in Peru and as our house in Germany, offering our daily lives with its joys and difficulties with the purpose of bringing the souls of Spain and of the whole world to the Heart of Jesus.

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